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Genetic counseling and human genetic diagnostics

Our practice of Human Genetics was founded in 1992 to provide the whole range of modern human genetic diagnostics: cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics, and molecular genetics. Usually – before genetic testing – the process starts with genetic counselling. In our genetic counselling diseases, malformations or other features that are associated with a possible hereditary cause will be discussed. Reasons for referral could be:


If you are pregnant and during an ultrasound examination an abnormality was found in your child or you have a high-risk result after First Trimester Screening.
If you are pregnant and you, your partner or a family member have a chronic or genetic disease.
If you are pregnant and you want to find out about the possibility of prenatal diagnosis.
If you have experienced miscarriages frequently.
If the desire for a child remains unfulfilled.


If frequent and/or very early cancers have occurred in your family.
If you are concerned that your child could be developmentally delayed.
Do I have an increased risk of disease if one of my relatives already developed a disease.

In part, it is possible to detect genetic predispositions long before the outbreak of the disease. So preventive measures and changes in lifestyle can be discussed specifically and individually.

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